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We often get glowing feedback from our customers.  If you would like to add your comments of your experiences with us we would love to publish them here.  Please email any testimonials to admin@tempestmusic.com.

Here is a selection -


‘I recently purchased a cello from Tempest music, fulfilling a long held dream of mine to one day master this wonderful instrument. After listening to my musical history, Fran chose a cello for me and its sound is superb, even making my beginning efforts easy on the ear! She also recommended the perfect teacher for my needs and under his tutelage I am beginning to make my dream come true. The cello has very quickly become a huge part of my life thanks to a great teacher, a great cello and thanks especially to Fran for making it all possible.
Thank you, Fran and the team at Tempest, for your professional advice and excellent teacher recommendation.’      - Annie, from Hillarys

Excellent service, nothing has been too much trouble. - Wendy

Hi Fran,

My Buffet Festival B flat after some adjustments by Ed is now absolutely superb! Can’t wait to use it in WASO next week.

Really lovely to have a new B flat after some 18 years or so.  

Thanks to you and Ed for all your help with it.

- Alex

It has been an excellent experience to shop at Tempest.  - Jenny    

Always have what I want and the personal service is wonderful.  - Kate

Very happy with the way things are.  Nothing is too much trouble.  - Xanthe      

We thank you very much for the time spent helping Nicola to choose the flute most suitable to her requirements.  The young lady who gave Nicola her time and patience is a credit to your service at Tempest Music.  We appreciate her professionalism.  - Karen

I must comment on the exceptional service we received at Tempest Music.  Other stores were unable to offer much technical advice and even teachers were unable to help direct us to the type and standard of instrument that would best suit our needs.  Fran was obviously technically skilled; we were not rushed and at every stage we felt we were being helpfully guided - not pushed.  I am very happy to recommend the services of Tempest Music when you are about to purchase your first instrument or preparing to upgrade from student to professional level.  Prices are comparable with other outlets - the service is excellent.  - Greg

Blake was thrilled with the repair to his dented bell and also the other TLC given to the valves, slides and cork - I got it home from work about an hour and a half ago and he's not put it down since!  Thanks again for your help coordinating this and for the quick turnaround, if you could please also pass our thanks to your brass workshop - all much appreciated indeed! - Bob, Ocean Reef

We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and way you conduct business. Our order came today by mail, thank you for your swift service! - Vasco & Gerda, Busselton

The range is the best in Perth, as is the knowledge of the staff. - James, Lesmurdie

This would have to be my favourite music store. Excellent quality instruments with exceptional service. Always a joy to visit this shop. - Hannah, Rossmoyne

In late 2014, I walked into Tempest Music in South Perth with my 10 year old son who was to commence learning the trombone in the SIMS program. Not knowing one thing about trombones, I thought it safest to purchase direct from a music shop. I was delighted that upon our entering the store, the staff were so knowledgeable and encouraging to myself and my son that we felt very comfortable to purchase one that day. I had been to other music shops, but the staff at Tempest even took the time to show my son how to hold a trombone and even helped him produce his first sound on the mouthpiece. They were very patient with us and measured him up even finding us a second hand traded in instrument in really great condition that had just been serviced saving us money. My son has performed well above our expectations and his commitment and drive in learning the trombone has been rewarded by receiving top marks. I have also purchased accessories for it. Thankyou Tempest Music for making music fun. - Sheryl, Aubin Grove

 I finally found Tempest Music late last year (2015) and ended what had been a very long and up until then disappointing search for a left-handed violin.  Left-handed players of any instrument will understand the brick walls one comes slap up against in such a search – the reasonable “why don’t you just play right-handed like everyone else” brick wall and the dismissive and completely illogical “it’s easier just to play right-handed” brick wall. Don’t waste your time bashing your head there – move on immediately is my advice. You’ll just end up with a sore head and an empty pocket. And NEVER allow any of these types to convince you that a right-handed violin can be CONVERTED to a left-handed violin. It will not sound the same and it won’t feel right. Don’t believe them either when they tell you that custom made left- handed violins are VERY expensive and VERY hard to get. They’re not and they’re not.
I had discovered the Gliga Violin site online (happy accident of a new browser), saw that they made left-handed violins, was referred by them to their distributor in NSW and from there to Fran Tempest. Fran, on hearing what I wanted, merely said ‘You understand that if you want to play with an orchestra, you do need to play right-handed”. When I said that I did understand and I did not want to play with an orchestra she never mentioned it again and just got on with getting me what I wanted.  How nice to be given that respect!
Tempest Music does not have left-handed violins instore because they are not in great demand but I was able to send a right-handed violin playing friend up to try out the Gliga instruments. She was impressed with Fran’s knowledge and professionalism and with the attention she gave to making sure that I was going to get exactly what I wanted. Together they made a decision for me and it has turned out the best!
The violin I finally have is so beautiful it nearly makes me cry. The sound is rich and brown and when I picked her (definitely a female fiddle) up she just leapt onto my shoulder.  I can hardly wait to get my hands on her when I get up in the mornings. 
So, thank you Fran and I have no hesitation in recommending Tempest Music to anyone – right or left handed - looking for really excellent customer service and a top quality instrument.   - Peta, Margaret River