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Orchestral String Instruments are one of our main areas of speciality.

These are the most difficult for the uneducated music parent to understand.   For this reason it is essential that you deal with a store with full knowledge of string instruments.  It is impossible to become a "Google Expert".  Please, please, please DO NOT buy a string instrument on the Internet.  We see Internet purchases virtually weekly and it can cost a lot more that what you have saved to get them to work satisfactorily.

We are very happy to assist you to understand what to look for and how to make an informed decision in providing the best option for a successful outcome.

Our range of string instruments covers all levels from basic student models up to hand made professional models.  

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Acoustic Guitar - Aria

Acoustic Guitar - Takamine Acoustic Electric

Acoustic Guitar - Takamine D1 NEX

Acoustic Guitar - Walden Solid*

$275.00 $599.00 $425.00 $POA
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Acoustic Guitar Amp - Yamaha THR5A*

Cello-Batista VC100 1/2

Cello-Batista VC100 1/4

Cello-Batista VC100 1/8

$349.95 $POA $POA $POA
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Cello-Batista VC100 3/4

Cello-Batista VC100 4/4

Cello-Batista VC200 4/4

Cello-Coleridge Primo 1/10*

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