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When selecting a new instrument it is essential to test as many instruments as possible.  Not every brand suits everyone regardless of how strong a recommendation you have.  It has to be the player's decision.  

At Tempest Music we have several brands at each quality level so you can compare and find the absolute best option.  We will give you as much support and time as you need to make the decision that is right for you.


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Xylophone - Suzuki Soprano Diatonic*

Xylophone Musser Concert 3 Octaves

Yamaha 241B Oboe

Yamaha 431M Duet Oboe

$POA $POA $POA $4,899.00
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Yamaha 831SII Baritone Horn

Yamaha Euphonium 201S - 3 Valve Silver Plate

Yamaha Euphonium 642STII

Yamaha Flugelhorn 631G

$POA $2,989.00 $POA $2,200.00
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Yamaha Flugelhorn 8310ZS - Bobby Shew

Yamaha French Horn 332 Single in Bb

Yamaha French Horn F/Bb 567

Yamaha French Horn F/Bb 668D - Detachable Bell

$POA $POA $POA $6,775.00
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