Tempest Music

Musical Instrument Rental

Play Your Best, Hire The Best!

Tempest Music has created a unique musical instrument rental programme around what their customers have asked for and need to help make the best decision when it comes to purchasing an instrument.

The focus at Tempest Music is to match the musician to the right instrument. The staff will spend considerable time with each individual customer determining the best instrument for them, their experience and their budget.

Renting an instrument is a very popular way of:

  • Testing the water before committing to purchasing an instrument
  • An affordable option to play a higher quality instrument
  • Change a rental to a purchase at a time that suits

Monthly hire charges start from:

Violin - $30 Saxophone - $65
Viola - $35 Cornet - $40
Cello - $50 Trumpet - $45
Double Bass - $100 Trombone - $50
Flute - $45 Guitar - $20
Clarinet - $40  Euphonium - $165

Please note these are only starting prices, Tempest Music is happy to hire any quality of instrument.

The Tempest Music musical instrument rental program has been designed especially for their customers:

  • Woodwind and Brass Instruments are rented BRAND NEW. This means not only are they “germ free” but they also come with a new Instrument Warranty.
  • The instruments chosen are approved superior quality leading brands, recommended by professional musicians and teachers.
  • A purchase plan is offered where you will receive 100% of your rent towards the purchase price if you decide to purchase within 6 months of renting.
  • All string instruments have been fully set - up including superior quality strings
  • Advanced players are not locked into student level rentals. Tempest Music provides excellence service in matching the musician to the right instrument, no matter the skill or the budget.
  • In consultation with Tempest Music the right brand of quality instrument will be available to try.
  • With string instruments, Tempest Music will change sizes as the child grows.

For more information contact Tempest Music today, or make an appointment to organise your rental.